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What we’re doing differently for students with disabilities

Our instructors, board members, and donors all highly value inclusive higher education and the positive impact it has on our community. Within our support services, students are able to determine their area of study based on personal strengths and interests.

IHECP offers a continuum of services that allows us to serve more students with unique needs. Every student is different and learns differently, which is why we evaluate how they learn and develop strategies and programming that are right for them. IHECP supports students in building their individual strengths and using strategies and processes to help them become stronger learners. Our students have a full college experience — and a college education that includes more than just what they learn in class.

Student Services

College Prep

Because college entrance is based on eligibility, many students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities may not meet entrance requirements for typical college coursework. To help students lay the foundation for their college experience, and to provide a transition period from high school to higher education, we at IHECP offer the College Prep Program.

Moving from a school or program where the student is fully supported to a higher education environment where a student is expected to have a higher level of independence can be overwhelming. That’s why our College Prep program focuses on building skills students need to succeed in college and in adult life, as well as in the workplace. Learn more about College Prep. 

Inclusive Support Services

Many students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities take college courses on an audit basis to continue their education on campus with their peers. Audit students have all the rights and responsibilities of a degree-seeking student, without having to meet all of the course demands to participate in the course. For students with disabilities, it is possible to modify audit course requirements and expectations so the student can enjoy consistent and challenging expectations across courses and throughout their college experience. To help students navigate this new world, and properly support their audit course learning, we at IHECP offer Inclusive Support Services. Learn more about Inclusive Support Services.

Academic Coaching 

Academic Coaching is much like sports coaching; coaches help a student develop learning, planning, and self- management skills so that he or she can be successful in their college experience and the workplace. The student “plays the game” while the coach helps the student improve academic skills, know when to use a strategy, and how to use feedback to make adjustments to become successful. Academic coaching provides accountability and support that promotes the highest level of student independence. Learn more about Academic Coaching. 


Student Services

Our university student services are designed to provide individualized supports for students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.
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Events and open houses help the IHECP raise awareness about our student support services available on the downtown Denver Auraria Campus. Join us at one of our on-campus open houses or student activities.
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Get Involved

Your support makes the IHECP possible for students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. Whether you volunteer on campus, become a paid student mentor, or donate to support our students, you will be surprised at what a huge difference you can make.
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