What is Inclusive College?

Institutions of higher education, to be truly inclusive, should celebrate intellectual diversity in the same way that they celebrate racial, gender, cultural, religious, and other forms of diversity. These institutions recognize that diverse learners require and inspire innovation and that innovation benefits all students — and society as a whole. Inclusive institutions place value on experiences and perspectives of others, respect all forms of learning, and provide opportunities for all students to develop to their fullest potential.

Inclusion is a human right. It means that everyone belongs to a community, everyone has access to equal opportunities, and everyone is free to choose their own life path. Inclusion means being actively engaged with and alongside others and being valued for what you bring to the interaction.

But inclusion in higher education is more than just being present and accounted for on campus. It’s about participating, learning, and being involved. At IHECP, we know that there’s more to a college education than simply having the opportunity. We want our students to have a meaningful college education. We also want students to guide their own education. If we’re going to truly prepare students for life after college, they need to become active participants in their education so they can develop skills that matter.

At IHECP, we don’t track student progress by the hours they sit at a desk or how many credit hours they enroll in. We look at how the student is involved on campus and which competencies they are building. Students are included on the college campus, in classrooms, and in learning. IHECP students get to have a college experience and a meaningful college education, while also building their confidence and competencies.

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Inclusive College

Student Services

Our university student services are designed to provide individualized supports for students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.
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Events and open houses help the IHECP raise awareness about our student support services available on the downtown Denver Auraria Campus. Join us at one of our on-campus open houses or student activities.
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Get Involved

Your support makes the IHECP possible for students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. Whether you volunteer on campus, become a paid student mentor, or donate to support our students, you will be surprised at what a huge difference you can make.
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