Parent & Student Testimonials

Evan, College Prep Student 

“Several years ago, during high school Transition, my son Evan achieved a vocational certificate in culinary arts. For over 5 years he successfully worked in a popular, busy restaurant kitchen. But as time passed, he realized that restaurant work was not his “dream” job. He needed more challenge and purpose in his life, and he wanted meaningful employment in an area of his passion – Sports!

Evan researched entry level jobs in public relations and sports management and realized that he needed not only college classes specific to these fields, but also better organizational and computer skills. Digital literacy was an important missing component to Evan’s success in employment and in life. So much had changed since he graduated from high school 10 years ago and there was so much more to learn with “smart devices” and “speech to text” capabilities now embedded within everyday programs. As a person with a physical and intellectual disabilities, he required inclusive higher education supports to ensure his success and to customize his desired learning experience.

We began looking at programs in Colorado, as Evan desired to stay in the Denver Metropolitan area near friends and family supports. Living on campus in a dorm or apartment with 18 to 24-year-olds also seemed uncomfortable given his age (29) and one hour + commuting was impractical. Access to public transportation was important. The most essential criteria in our selecting the Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program (IHECP), however, was its qualified and passionate educators, and its proven track record of success with positive student outcomes and employment. In addition we obtained many positive recommendations from parents of students who thrived (and continue to thrive) in the program. Last, the Metropolitan State’s Auraria campus offered nationally recognized sports and public relations college curriculum and engaging professors.

The IHECP College Prep curriculum is focused on digital literacy, improving executive functioning, independence, and self-advocacy skills for students with disabilities. It truly prepared Evan for the next phase in his continuing education: interacting with college level instructors and peers in his sports and public relations classes. Knowing he will have IHECP as his foundation for academic and instructional services and supports allows Evan to feel more empowered to achieve success at the college level.

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Jordan, College Prep Student 

“I got an amazing opportunity and a blessing to be in this program. This program has taught me to a lot about stuff that I never thought of for example believing in myself and standing up for what I believe in and nothing else will define me. I got to be with other students like me that made me laugh the hardest and smile the most and that is what I am going to miss the most about this class is being able to be down here and learning about different things about my disability and being able to feel like I am not alone in this and that there other kids and students just like me that struggling and be define by other people just because we are different and being different is way more fun than being normal.

In high school I felt boxed in, I couldn’t do anything but since I have been in college I have more opportunities and I feel like I have really grown as a student in the IHECP program. Getting a good education, going to college, doing what other people didn’t think I could do.”

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