Questions …

Do you want a college experience but struggle with academics?

Or are you strong in academics but would like executive function and coaching support as you take on more responsibilities?

Do you wonder who will support your student with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in college?

We CAN and WILL help!!!

Yes, your student can go to college!

And we can help.

College Prep

Because college entrance is based on eligibility, many students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities may not meet entrance requirements for typical college coursework. To help students lay the foundation for their college experience, we offer our College Prep Program.

Inclusive Support Services

Most IHECP students start in the College Prep program if they have not successfully completed any college work. After completion of that program, if they want to pursue the rigor of college courses they can move into our Inclusive Support Service

Academic Coaching

College-level coursework is more demanding and fast-paced than high school — planning ahead, thinking critically, and managing multiple demands are all part of balancing college work. That’s why IHECP offers Academic Coaching.

Evan, College Prep Student

“The IHEP College Prep curriculum is focused on digital literacy, improving executive functioning, independence, and self-advocacy skills for students with disabilities. It truly prepared Evan for the next phase in his continuing education: interacting with college level instructors and peers in his sports and public relations classes. Knowing he will have an IHEP as his foundation for academic and instructional services and supports allows Evan to feel more empowered to achieve success at the college level.”

Jordan, College Prep Student

“I got an amazing opportunity and a blessing to be in this program. This program has taught me to a lot about stuff that I never thought of for example believing in myself and standing up for what I believe in and nothing else will define me. I got to be with other students like me that made me laugh the hardest and smile the most and that is what I am going to miss the most about this class is being able to be down here and learning about different things about my disability and being able to feel like I am not alone in this and that there other kids and students just like me that struggling and be define by other people just because we are different and being different is way more fun than being normal.”

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