Milestones and Achievements

Milestones and Achievements

In partnership with Metropolitan State University of Denver School of Education, we successfully launched IHECP’s pilot program the fall semester 2015.

Since launching the IHECP in 2015, we have served 124 students:

  • 28 students IHECP students, including 2 online distance learners
  • 76 Denver Public Schools transition students
  • 20+ KIPP charter school students

This program has been hugely successful in the community, with scholarships awarded to students to attend and participate in our program.

Students have been awarded scholarships from:

  • John Lynch Foundation
  • Lori Lieberman Foundation
  • American Legion
  • Lutheran Family Foundation
  • Richland Foundation Thomas Family Fund
  • Marilyn Fulmer Foundation
  • Gear Up

Students have been awarded grants from:

  • Developmental Disabilities Resource Center
  • Rocky Mountain Human Services

IHECP has also awarded over $55,000 in scholarships so that students can attend college on the Auraria Campus with learning supports in place.