Inclusive Support Services

Most IHECP students start in the College Prep program if they have not successfully completed any college work. Once they’ve moved through the College Prep program — or have made great strides toward independence and want to pursue the rigor of college courses — they can move into our Inclusive Support Services.

What are Inclusive Support Services?

With IHECP’s Inclusive Support Services, services vary greatly based on the student’s needs. We work with students to help them be successful on campus and in the classroom. This includes support for registration, proving eligibility for course accommodations, helping to organize and plan for assignments and assessments, and, because a student is taking courses on an audit basis, course modifications. These modifications change the content and requirements of a course, the assignments, testing, etc. to allow students using Inclusive Support Services to audit courses and demonstrate their learning at an individualized level.

Inclusive and Natural Supports

Our Inclusive Support Services also guide students to utilize a college’s “natural supports.” For colleges and universities that receive federal funding, they must provide natural supports for people with documented differences. This includes a student disability services office, as well as some accommodation services, like:

  • Classroom accommodations (note taking, hearing systems, extended time for tests and assignments, preferential seating, priority registration, etc.)
  • Technology support (adaptive technology, computer assistance, etc.)

However, these services are not automatically provided to the student. Instead, a student must first approach the student disability services office to prove eligibility for disability services. From there, some accommodations may be made available to the student, but it’s the student’s job to implement those tools and resources to help themselves on campus. This is totally different from high school, where students are often provided services upon enrollment.

Essentially, the tools are made available, but it’s up to the student to use them. Students must self-advocate and navigate this new world — which is where our Inclusive Support Services come in.

How Inclusive Support Services Work

On a college campus, there are tutoring centers, computer centers, libraries, and other natural supports. But it’s up to the student to seek these resources, and then they need to learn and retain the information involved with using them. Our Inclusive Support Services guide students to use natural support services on campus.

Because students choosing Inclusive Support Services take courses on an audit basis, IHECP works with professors to change the requirements of the assignments, assessments, or syllabus to help students be successful. We break down all of the expectations of an assignment so students can learn the process of completing an assignment. By taking the focus off the content and focusing on the process, students learn the process and can then absorb the content easier.

What students receive from Inclusive Support Services

Lessons to support learning

Inclusive Support Services students take a course called Learning How to Study, where they work on skills they need to manage coursework, priorities, and more. For example, there is a lesson on chunking assignments: breaking assignments down into actionable chunks so they can focus on one thing rather than getting overwhelmed by large-scale projects. From there, they apply what they learned in the Learning How to Study course into their coursework with support from an IHECP instructor.

Student mentoring

Student mentoring sessions are a required component of Inclusive Support Services. We review assignments with students but do not tutor to individual subjects. Instead, we teach strategies and skills to navigate assignments and help students work on accountability, executive functioning, and active learning techniques. Student mentors support students in Inclusive Support Services as they learn to take action for themselves.

Actionable skills

Inclusive Support Services are designed to empower students to take action on their own, to use tools and skills that help them succeed on campus and in their lives, and to take responsibility for their learning with scaffolded supports. We cover these skills in actual lessons and student mentoring, then support students as they implement those skills in their college experience and personal life.

Certificate of study

The Inclusive Support Services program culminates in a certificate of study conferred by the IHECP in the student’s area of study. This is a certificate that they have worked to achieve, using their own skills and growth through modified, non-credit coursework. Some individualized areas of study include:

  • Early childhood education
  • Hospitality
  • Sports fitness
  • Sports management
  • Photography
  • Computer information systems
  • Business

Typically, students will take 4 modified courses in their areas of interest, along with other elective courses and one study skills course offered by IHECP over four semesters. Each semester, students should take one course in their area of interest, one elective course, and the IHECP study skills course.

Outcomes of Inclusive Support Services

At the conclusion of our Inclusive Support Services, the student will receive a certificate conferred by IHECP and a college transcript outlining the courses taken.

And, more that the certificate, students walk away with the ability to:

  • Troubleshoot and resolve obstacles
  • Manage multiple demands
  • Prioritize importance activities and create schedules
  • Seek out and use resources
  • Break activities down into actionable “chunks”
  • Lower academic anxiety and stress
  • Ask for help they need to succeed
  • Learn transferable academic, employment, and life skills on a college campus with their peers

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