How Our Support Services Work

Our support services are based on four areas of focus:

Executive Functioning Skills. With executive functioning skills, students learn processes and strategies to become independent learners. These skills include:

  • The ability to locate, initiate, and organize coursework
  • Knowing how much and when coursework needs to be completed
  • The ability to plan and prioritize
  • The ability to shift from task to task
  • Flexibility of thought
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Self-monitoring and metacognitive skills

Digital Literacy Skills. Digital literacy skills are built when students use digital tools to access learning and communicate their knowledge. These skills developed when using:

  • Productivity software
  • Email and calendars
  • Grammar and spell checkers
  • Presentation and word processing tools
  • Spreadsheets
  • Time management systems
  • Learning management systems
  • Online course access
  • Online learning materials and assessments

Self-Advocacy Skills. Students who self-advocate have the knowledge and skills to speak up for their needs in academic, workplace, and community environments. Self-advocacy involves:

  • A clear and truthful understanding of their strengths and limitations
  • Using opportunities to problem-solve self-accommodations
  • Practicing appropriate disclosure of a disability or difference to others
  • The ability to describe both the impact and benefit of the disability/difference and request and manage reasonable accommodations

Assistive Technology Skills. Students use assistive technology to reduce cognitive load and maximize their learning. These technologies include:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Speech-to-text
  • Alternate format textbooks
  • Audio recorders
  • Note-taking apps
  • Screen readers

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Student Services

Our university student services are designed to provide individualized supports for students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.
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