Applying Universal Design for Learning in Remote Classrooms

facebooklinkedin  BY TERRI EICHHOLZ - E-LEARNING As schools were compelled to implement distance learning during this year’s pandemic, it became clear that emergency remote learning widened many gaps that already existed within the walls of brick and mortar...

Focus on 21st-century skills: 3 Digital trends in K-12

facebooklinkedin  With technology so widespread at work, at school, and at home, being able to efficiently interact with it is an essential skill for everyone — adults, teenagers, and children. To a certain extent, the impact of computer literacy in our personal...

Computer literacy: The invisible skills gap?

facebooklinkedin  I am guilty of assuming that the younger a person is, the easier it is to teach them digital literacy. Recent reports have found that – not surprisingly – digital natives who have mastered Fortnite and driving while texting are far from being...

Top 7 Remote Learning Tips Your Students Should Know

facebooklinkedin  For full-time distance education students, recent events have brought almost zero changes to their learning process. However, for the majority, school closures caused quite a shock and a big disruptionin their routine. Students are primarily...

Why We’re Focused on Serving Students, Not Selling to Them

Recently, we’ve met a lot of families and professionals who weren’t aware of the different inclusive academic services available in the state of Colorado. They’ve heard from other groups that there are only three college campuses in Colorado that provide these inclusive services to students with disabilities. We’veheard that, too. Here’s why that’s wrong, and what’s really going on in the inclusive college movement.

5 Inclusive College Programs in Colorado You Should Know About

Our main passion at IHECP is giving students access to inclusive higher education services and resources they wouldn’t normally have —including information on other college programs that could benefit them. While we provide inclusive services and support for all three colleges at the Auraria Campus in Denver, we believe that we have a duty to share all the inclusive education resources available to students with disabilities. We want to make sure students and families know their options so they can choose the program that best fits their individual needs.

5 Things We’ve Accomplished in the Past 5 Years

At IHECP, we’re dedicated to raising expectations of what students with disabilities can accomplish. Not just in a higher education setting, but as members of our community. Our team has extensively researched other established and successful programs across the U.S. and Canada to create a hybrid program that has become the first truly inclusive college program in the state of Colorado.

5 Ways To Look For An Inclusive College

The transition to college is a big milestone, but for students with disabilities the additional stress of finding a college with inclusive services that fit their needs can be overwhelming. Looking for the right inclusive college is a journey, and IHECP is devoted to helping students on this journey by giving them the resources they need to choose the school that will best serve them. There are a few questions that students and families can ask themselves when deciding which inclusive college is the right fit.

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